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The "Movement’s" Moral Capital

A question of credibility.

Greg Johnson writes:

White Nationalism is a tiny movement. Compared to our enemies, we lack money, organization, talent, and supporters. Our only real advantage is telling the truth about race, multiculturalism, the Jews, etc. Our credibility is a precious commodity. So it is deeply disturbing to me that so many White Nationalists in the West are willing to burn up that small capital of credibility repeating insultingly crude and dishonest Russian propaganda about Ukraine.

The same applies to any other “movement” meme. People already consider WNs as defective solely for championing White interests. Don’t add another layer to that, don’t squander whatever small credibility and moral capital we have by defending Putin, by championing bizarre racial theories and histories, by foaming at the mouth about “moon landing hoax,” “vaccines killing babies,” “smoking doesn’t cause cancer,” “man above time,” “Aryans from Atlantis,” “admixture coefficients and cephalic indices,” etc.