Your Daily Dose of Derbyshire, 9/18/16

The usual stupidity.

In his love-fest for Orban, does Derbyshire consider why “the Hungarian authorities” keep on wanting to prosecute Hungarian patriots for offending the poor little brown refugee darlings, whether the “Magyar heroes” are female reporters or male truck drivers?  Oh well, “Orban cannot control everything” but – how about what happened to Richard Spencer?

And a question for Derbyshire: what status to you think illegal aliens and their families should have in the nations they’ve invaded?  Should illegals be amnestied?  Should they be allowed to being foreign wives in?  Should their children have birthright citizenship?  If you answer “no” to any of these questions, I invite you to revisit your own American citizenship status.  You and the family can always renounce your citizenship and move elsewhere, China for example.