The Madness of Der Movement: Winter 2017 Edition

Who is the one “insane” in all of this? The lunatics or the person who mocks the lunatics?

The whole Michael Enoch drama keeps on rolling along.  As I’ve said I don’t know who this fellow is and I really do not care, except for the effect this all has on the legitimacy of racial nationalism.  In general, I think the statements made by Greg Johnson and James Bowery on this subject at Counter-Currents have been reasonable.  It’s probably a good idea to move on from this and not “pick the scab” – but a few observations are in order. In all cases, emphasis added.

I can’t help but notice that some of the same types getting all breathless over Enoch (and this is not meant as a defense of Enoch, as I really don’t care about him personally) do not seem to be bothered by a half-Iranian at, or by the infestations of East Asians and Asian-lovers into Der Movement.

Speaking of which, one cannot make this up.

…I am not so sure if I am a fool. I think it makes me a bigger fool going to WN events with an Asian Girlfriend (I did it three times).

Were those Alt Wrong HBD/race realist events?  If so, they would have invited you to get on the podium and make a speech.  After all, Jeurasianism is the future (der future).

But I give this fellow credit for realizing something I’ve been saying for years:

Yes, there is a whole plan of “asianization” practiced by the Chinese. The Chinese know, that if they send their beautiful girls to foreign men, the child will come out as… Chinese! This creates the Chinese loyalty hierarchy, The Chinese being pure bred, and halfs being subservient to the pure bred. I know of the Chinese being the only race not afraid to race mix with others, believing this would ultimately benefit them in the end.

Yes, East Asians, particularly the Chinese, have been pimping their women off to White males in order to manipulate White society for Asian benefit.

The problem, already, young whites who made their mistake already bread with Asians…

Is that bread made with yeast or with baking powder? Or is it unleavened (oy vey!)?

Then this fellow equates White male-Asian female pairings with White men loving “that Aryan girl in the wheat field” –

As for Asian-Aryanism goes, it works. I am reaching out to other so-called “betas” and young whites who supposedly “fetishized” over Asian girls. Ironically, it’s not called an “abnormal obsession” when WNs constantly love that Aryan girl in the wheat field. It’s only outside the race is it called a fetish.

Tell me again about how my criticisms of HBD-omega male-yellow supremacy are just “crazy” and the like.

Speaking of Asians, we have this from another site:

Because broadcasting things in a staggered drip-drip-drip kind of way delivers maximum torture to TRS, and I’m definitely into torturing TRS.

That’s from the same person who previously indicated a desire to “inflict harm” on Russians. Is TRS pro-Russian?  Probably. Who knows?  Who cares?  Can anyone take any of this seriously?  It’s like a comedy routine.

I see too many people that are just frankly mentally ill in this movement. There is tons of paranoia, tons of accusations and purity spirals and its becoming cannibalistic. This is not growing into a healthy movement. When the inquisition comes, don’t count on yourself being the one in charge.

Ah yes, finally a voice of clarity.  Although “too many” should be changed to “most.”  Ironically enough, I get labeled as “insane” for openly mocking Der Movement lunacy – instead of getting the joke (which is stated as such several times) folks in Der Movement take the mocking at face value.  Why? Because that’s what many/most in Der Movement really are like themselves. So, why shouldn’t I be just another “movement” lunatic?

Note to “movement” – if you want to attract “normies” this sure is not the way to do it.